I must go down to the seas again
to the lonely sea and sky
And all I ask is a tall ship
and a star to steer her by

Sea Fever By John Masefield

Class Repertoire

CO003 Fundamentals of Computer Operations
CO101 Introduction to Computer Applications
CO105 Windows Operating System
CO116 Intro to Programming
CO127 C++ Programming
CO205 Advanced Windows Operating System
CO212 Principles of Information Security
CO230 Intro to Telecommunications
CO232 UNIX Administration for Linux+ Certification
CO241 Web Databases with PHP and MySQL
CO246 Apache Web Server Security & Administration
CO255 Oracle Database Administration
CO275 Mobile Device Security and Application Development
IT250 Linux Operating System
IT300 Web Server Administration (Apache & IIS)
IT302 Linux Administration
CISP247 Database Design and Implementation
BITS212 Microcomputer Applications: Database
CS 2205 Web Programming
CS 4405 Mobile Applications Development
CTD Interactive Web Design with PHP & MySQL
CIS 301 Mgmt Information Systems
CIS 310 Technology Project Management
CDT GLL Mobile Apps Development with Google App Inventor

Earned Professional Certifications

  1. RedHat Certified Engineer
  2. Zend PHP Engineer
  3. MySQL DBA Core
  4. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
  5. Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)
  6. Certified Novell Administrator (CNA)
  7. CompTIA Linux+ Certification
  8. Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA)
  9. Titanium Certified Application Developer
  10. CompTIA Linux+
  11. Microsoft Solutions Developer
  12. Microsoft Certificate of Excellence
  13. MCSD signed by Bill Gates
  14. MCP signed by Bill Gates
  15. Sun Java Associate
  16. Zend PHP Engineer
  17. Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  18. RHCE RedHat Engineer
  19. Microsoft Web InterDev
  20. Microsoft Visual Basic
  21. Oracle Database DBA OCA
  22. MySQL Database DBA CORE
  23. RedHat Authentication Services
  24. IBM NetApp Storage Fundamentals
  25. IBM NetApp Products
  26. Titanium Certified Application Developer (TCAD)
  27. Blackboard Catalyst Award letter to President Ender
  28. Customer Service Award
  29. Security Awareness - University of Illinois at Chicago
  30. Certified Blackboard Administrator

Student Comments

Thank you Mr. Machajewski, you are an awesome online instructor. You respond quickly to questions and you grade our work really fast, I wish all Instructors were as attentive.

Cynthia, Michigan

Hi Instructor Szymon,
I write to you today to indeed say thank you for your constant support and invaluable intructions through out this course. I loved studying every bit of it and it was very interesting as it opened up my mind to think about the many things that make web programming work. I especially thank you for the feedback you gave me in the learning journal which shaped my thinking. Indeed I look forward to meeting you probably in Web Programming 2. Your website is fantastic! Keep the technology up! I love playing guitar and piano too! Have a great day you and your family.Thank you very much.

Solomon, Kenya, East Africa

You've been a wonderful instructor too and a source of inspiration to many of us if not all. Thank you.

Emmanuel, Sagamu, Nigeria

I had a great time learning web programming throughout these 8 weeks. I would like to thank you for your inspiring guidance throughout the course. I must say, you were one of the most participative and innovative instructors who taught me during my 8 terms at UoPeople. It is no exaggeration in any way; I am simply impressed by your effort and the little things you did to keep me and my fellow peers to stay engaged and motivated.

Dixit, Kathmandu, Nepal

It is really cool how you are one of the professors who looks happy every time I pass them in the hallway. Keep it up!

Thomas, Michigan

I've taken CO courses pt for about 13 years and what you're doing it exactly what that department has needed for years. Exciting!!!

You are my favorite instructor! The first instructor to ever mention certifications and jobs! Real world stuff.

Michelle, Michigan

Thank you instructor for your timeless effort, corrections, advices and guidance through out this course. You are indeed a good instructor; one among a million. I remain grateful.

Bassey, Calabar Nigeria

My sincerest gratitude to you sir. I have really been motivated and guided well in this course. I dare say you have been among the most influential instructors I have come across in this university and I hope I would have the privilege to be guided in other courses before I complete the program.

Thank you very much and I wish you every success you may aspire to.

David, Accra Ghana

Mr. Machajewski:
I wanted to email my thanks for the chance to learn a very valuable skill set from a very established educator and teacher. I do want to meet you in person some time as you have so much knowledge to teach and are a very smart person. I just wanted to let you know I had to work in your class and have walked a way with a whole new outlook on Linux and have made the choice to use Linux as a second operating system and I am no longer afraid of linux. Thanks for being a great teacher.

William, Michigan

Anyway, thank you for motivating my son this summer. You opened a whole new world to him so exciting that I had to take this course to see it!! I'm sure that you hear when people are unhappy with your class but as the mother of 2 of your summer students I want to say thank you for reaching them and making the subject matter something wonderful!!! Thats why when my scheduled monday night class dropped and this class had 1 opening I had to take it!!! This is the only class I have that is not 100% per my transfer plan!! This is just for fun! I can't wait!!

Dorothy, Michigan

more evaluations...

Dean's Evaluations

Classroom Climate Observations:
Creates safe environment, Creates inclusive environment, Uses student names, Pans the room, Establishes direct eye contact with students Utilizes voice volume/modulation, Uses positive body language/Smiles, Uses humor as appropriate. Szymon is a very positive person and it shows in how he interacts with students and the atmosphere created in the class.

Classroom Interaction Observations:
Encourages students, Demonstrates positive behavior, Responds to students, Asks open-ended questions, Uses appropriate wait time, Uses paraphrasing or echoes student responses Students were actively engaged.

Classroom Interaction Comments:
Does a very good job at echoing student responses, Frequently commends students who ask questions (ex: very good question, excellent question, I like your creative thinking), Very nice job asking open ended questions that require both lower level and higher level responses. Assumes students are prepared for class. Used twitter feed to keep content relevant and current. Stressed the important concepts / highlights on screen in real time Talked students thru new steps and gave alternative ways to do same thing At the end of new topic, asked if any questions and responded to students.

Learning Styles Observations:
Szymon addressed Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic, Tactile.

Classroom Management Observations:
Demonstrates control of the learning environment Student response is professional
Assesses student understanding
Students demonstrate civility

My Sample Lecture

CO230 Telecommunications:

View my presentations on my YouTube Channel.

Sample lectures:

1. Security / Encryption for GrrCON

2. Telecommunications Error Correction

3. Security: Intrusion Detection System

4. Mobile: Game Development

5. Linux Filesystem Exploration

6. Compiling Apache and creation of SSL Certificates

eComm | Telecom | YouTube Channel


2003 Grand Rapids Community College Grant: Red Hat Linux research and development

2011 Grand Rapids Community College Grant: State of Michigan Programs of Study Year 1

2012 Grand Rapids Community College Grant: State of Michigan Programs of Study Year 2

2013 Grand Valley State University: Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence - Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grant

2015 Amazon Web Services: AWS in Education Grant

2015 Grand Valley State University: Faculty Scholarly Dissemination Grant


  1. Presentation at ETOM 2011 Conference: Teaching Mobile Development in Higher Ed | Presentation Slides

  2. Twitter in Education prezi from ETOM 2011 | DLIT Blog | Presentation Slides

  3. 2011 Honors Program implementation in CO116, Introduction to Programming course.  Honors Contracts.

  4. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) 2012: "Engaging students with Personal Learning Networks"
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BouKLa_m6bY | Presentation Slides

  5. CO212 Principles of Information Security - IPS Installation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oV4JCqi0FJw

  6. K12 Teacher Development Day Presentation on Flipping the Classroom - Presentation Slides

  7. Trends 2012 Presentation about the Web Design Program of Study - Presentation slides

  8. Why Open Education Matters - http://whyopenedmatters.org/video/22/why-open-education-matters-ope/ | Presentation Slides

  9. ETOM 2012 Open Educational Resources ( "You get what you pay for" or do you?) - Presentation Slides | Presentation Recording

  10. 2013: Presentations at the GRCC Faculty Teaching and Learning Technology Showcase - "Using Peer Assessment to Create a Learning Community"

  11. Trends in Occupational Studies Conference 2013

    Conference session 1: Program of Study-Web Design - bridging the curriculum gap between High Schools and College level courses. Presentation
    Conference session 2: Open Badges for Engagement and Retention - badges as mini-credentials for skills in Traverse City, MI from October 17 to October 18, 2013. Presentation | Trends Home
  12. Presenting at "Who Cares? Why Bother? Real Writing for Real People"
    "Lapidary Style of Writing in the Age of Information" ATC 118 " Grand Rapids Community College, Wednesday, October 23 and Thursday, October 24, 2013 Conference Home | Presentation Slides
  13. Presenting at 2013 Global Education Conference:

    "Globalization of credentials by adopting skill driven badges instead of grades or degrees".

    more details | Certificate | Recording
  14. 2014: Grand Valley State University - Big Data Conference (4/25/2014)
    "Open Source Analytics - Blackboard Learn BbStats Project"
    Presentation slides | Announcement | Snapshot
  15. Trends in Occupational Studies Conference (10/16/2014).
    "Meaningful Gamification of Classroom and Online Activitiess"
    Student progress, retention, and professional success can be linked to academic engagement. Meaningful gaming builds engagement through peer instruction, crowdsourcing, learning networks, badges, and other pedagogical methods. Technology empowers educators to adopt such methods in both classroom and online environments.
  16. ETOM 2015 Conference
    The Educational Technology Organization of Michigan is a non-profit organization dedicated to the use of instructional telecommunications in higher education with an emphasis on distance learning. Established in December of 1980, ETOM has, and continues to be, a valuable resource for Michigan colleges and universities, related businesses, other educational organizations, and other interested individuals. Download the program.

  17. TechTeach University of Illinois at Chicago Nov 7, 2015. Building Student Success: Gameful Thinking to Inspire Learning
    The conference showcases the successes of our UIC community, current challenges, and opportunities in technology assisted teaching and learning. It is an opportunity to collaborate, explore, and discuss the most effective use of technology in teaching and learning. Session Recording

  18. Fall Science Update 2015: Integrating STEM by Design
    The Regional Math and Science Center cordially invites you to attend Fall Science Update on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 with a NEW location! We will be on the Allendale Campus in The Russel H. Kirkhof Center. Join us this fall to learn how to make the integration of STEM a reality in your classroom. MSTA Award Winning Middle School Science Teacher of the Year, Holly McGoran from Jenison Junior High School, and Teacher of Promise, Ashley A. Meyer from Hamilton High School, will be our keynote speakers sharing how they engage students in STEM learning.

  19. Blackboard Workshop: Design & Organization Tips from Blackboard Exemplary Course Winners
    Oct 9, 2015: The Blackboard Exemplary Course Program began in 2000 with the goal of identifying and disseminating best practices for designing engaging online courses. Three faculty members at GVSU were named recipients of a 2014 Blackboard Catalyst Award for Exemplary Courses. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions, learn more about the using the Blackboard Exemplary Course Rubric and get an overview of how these award winners structured their courses.
  20. GVSU Initiatives: Teaching Innovation Workshops
    Title: Motivating and engaging students in introductory courses with gameful design thinking and technology
    Grand Valley State University (August 18, 12:00-4:00PM), Lake Ontario Hall Room 168
    Introductory courses sometimes focus on memorization. They can be boring to the advanced students or to many poorly prepared students. Gamification engenders emotion, which leads to greater focus. Applying gameful thinking to the design of introductory course activities has the potential to increase attendance, participation, and engagement.

  21. UIC Faculty Learning Circle
    University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Medicine and Dentistry (August 10th)
    Title: Peer instruction in the classroom - use cases and best practices
    Poll Everywhere is a cloud-based tool for implementing innovative teaching methods. Research based on Bloom's 2 Sigma Problem and Dr Mazur's findings points to peer instruction. Thought Questions will be explored as a way to balance faculty preparation time, need to cover large sets of materials, and increase lecture engagements.

  22. SoTL Conference
    Scholarship of Teaching and Learning SoTL at the University of Findlay, Ohio (May 18, 19, 2015).
    Title: Gamification of Classroom and Online Activities to Build Learning Engagement
    Abstract: Student progress, retention, and professional success can be linked to academic engagement. Meaningful gaming builds engagement through peer instruction, crowdsourcing, learning networks, badges, and other pedagogical methods. Technology empowers educators to adopt such methods in both classroom and online environments. Specific classroom and online activities will be demonstrated to incorporate gamification in teaching.

  23. GVSU Teaching & Learning with Technology Symposium
    Grand Valley State University TLTS, Michigan (March 11, 2015).
    Title: How to Win the National Blackboard Exemplary Course Award
    Abstract: The Blackboard Exemplary Course Program began in 2000 with the goal of identifying and disseminating best practices for designing engaging online courses. Using the Exemplary Course Rubric, instructors and course designers are able to evaluate how well their own course conforms to best practices outlined in the rubric.

  24. Michigan Blackboard User Group
    miBug 2015, Michigan.
    Title: Hacking the Faculty Blackboard Grade Center
    Abstract: Learn about copying grades to the Ellucian Banner SIS and importing from Cengage SAM system. Faculty will be able to explore the full usage of the Grade Center through categories, color schemes, custom grade schema, smart views, dropping lowest scores in a category, and other faculty ninja tricks. Conference program.

  25. ITProForum University of Illinois
    Title: Inclusive Environments for Security and Productivity
    Information security is a top priority for organizations and individuals as tarnished business reputation or personal identity theft may result. Since many root causes of security problems, as much as 70%, can be traced to internal employees, it is important to create supportive and inclusive environments. Microaggressions can lead to security threats, but at the same time promoting empathy can lead to growth in productivity. Presentation Recording

Academic Projects

My software development contributions to the Teaching and Learning Blackboard community through the OSCELOT repository.

Armen Awards Finalist: The Mobile Device Security and Development course is partnering with the Collegiate newspaper to create a mobile app to increase access and readership. News Release.

AimWest 2012, Innovation in Education panelist.  AimWest Event. "Come to our aimWest event in November to learn from top educators how they are transforming the education culture and creating a new generation of student entrepreneurs who work, think and learn differently to prepare for the jobs of the future."

2012 Article in the Collegiate Newspaper featuring my CO275 Mobile Class.

My OpenBadges including Blackboard Exemplary Course.  My Badge Backpack.

Approved faculty member for Service Learning.  "Service Learning involves a teaching methodology in which faculty purposefully align course learning outcomes, involving a range of learning activities, to meet identified community needs in a meaningful way."

2011: Established partner relationship with CompTIA for 50% certification discounts for GRCC students and Linux+ approved class content.

2012: Established partner relationship with Oracle for CO255, Oracle Administration, to be offered as part of the Oracle Academy program.

2013: Established partner relationship with IBM Netapp University for GVSU students to use Netapp official courses and receive NetApp certifications as part of the Computer Information Systems curriculum. 

  1. EdTech Article on Flipped Classroom
  2. Service Learning article in Collegiate paper
  3. Cengage Skill Aseessment Manager (SAM) Case Study
  4. Highest Honors: Web Accessibility for Online Educators
  5. How Can Students Use Self-Compassion to Reduce Test Anxiety?
  6. Gamification Core Drives: Octalysis Framework - Level One
  7. Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert MIE 2016
  8. Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert MIE 2017
  9. An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching
  10. Faculty Mastery: Preventing Sexual Harassment

My Software Projects

1997 - 2003 






  • Blackboard grade export to Banner XE (langauge: Java)
  • Student Analytics. Tracking student performance to create retention dashboard (language: Java)
  • Progress Reports. Early alert of academic performance (langage: Java)


  • Introduction to Computing, classroom participation mobile app for iPhone and Android (AppStore: CIS150)

    2016Academic photo roster at Grand Valley State University to promote inclusive learning environments.

  • Learning Management System adoption monitoring embedded in Blackboard Learn as the BbStats building block.

  • linkedIn publications and projects

    Google+ Author