Gameful Design of Introductory College Courses [ Gamification of Learning ]

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. When it is applied in introductory college courses it infuses intrinsic motivation to engage students. Adventurous exploration of the field of study ensues with student retention. Read my blog about Gamification and Play - Experience Design for Learning | Daily Edventures by Anthony Salcito

Mozilla Open Badges

This project combines my two passions of technology and education. I contributed a Blackboard building block supporting open badges, as well as an LTI plugin for other LMS like Canvas. I've also worked with Mozilla on ADA compatibility of the badge backpack system.
Two people with the same degree may have taken very different learning pathways or developed different skills. Many people without a formal degree possess a vast set of job-relevant skills. Badges help by providing a more complete picture, recognizing a more granular set of skills.
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Web design

Michigan Postsecondary Programs of Study

Michigan's Postsecondary Programs of Study Research with the Workforce Development Agency Community College Services Unit. With the passage of the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006, Michigan's community colleges have begun to pilot a process to develop and implement programs of study for its postsecondary programs. A program of study is a sequence of instruction (based on recommended standards and knowledge and skills) consisting of coursework, co-curricular activities, work-site learning, service learning and other learning experiences. This sequence of instruction provides preparation for a career. My research covers the Web Design CIP code 11.0801 Year I and II.

Curriculum Workflow System

The workflow system, in use for at least 10 years, allows faculty to build curriculum and collaborate on it. The system is designed around Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs): Communication Skills: Students will effectively express and exchange ideas through listening, speaking, reading, writing, and other modes of interpersonal expression; Critical Thinking Skills: Students will be able to gather and synthesize relevant information, evaluate alternatives, and implement creative and effective solutions; Social Responsibility Skills: Students will be prepared to practice community engagement that addresses environmental responsibility, social justice, and cultural diversity; Personal Responsibility Skills: Students will become independent learners who understand and express the lifelong skills necessary for physical, social, economic, mental, and emotional health.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture and Research

I design and develop software under various arrangements. I deliver solutions in all tiers of the Internet systems: database solutions (Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server), middleware (Tomcat, WebLogic, BlueDragon), and web design (AJAX, JS, CSS). My specialization is in Blackboard enterprise systems (Learn, Connect, CMS, Transact, Community), PeopleSoft systems (HR, Portal, Campus Solutions), Drupal. ( Latest Projects | Open Source and Blackboard Projects| List of Past Projects )

I am proud to support the community of programmers since 2003 from Visual Basic to current open source contributions in mobile technology and analytics (Java & Blackboard). Two of my projects, BbStats and LoginAs, are in the top 5 OSCELOT open source downloads (over 2.5k).

University of the People

Teaching and course development for the University of the People is a very rewarding project. Students from many remote areas of the World are eager to master technology. Teaching mobile development and advanced web server technologies via dial-up bandwidth and without rich content resources is a challenging task. I've been with UoPeople since 2011 and through the recent accreditation process. This tuition free University is now an accredited institution in the US.
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