Experience Design for learning

Experience design is the practice of designing learning with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience. This means going beyond Universal Design for Learning (UDL). An emerging discipline, experience design draws from many other disciplines including cognitive psychology and perceptual psychology, linguistics, product design, theatre, information architecture, brand strategy, storytelling, and design thinking.
Learning is accelerated and fortified, when practiced with experience design principles. Teaching, technology, theatre, music are all a part of it.

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experience design

Personal Learning Networks PLN

Connected learning has a new capacity thanks to the Internet. Learning through networks, like Twitter, enables professionals to stay current with their subject matter, it allows students to listen to specialists, and do so efficiently. Teaching with Twitter allows for extension of study time and adoption of mobile learning. According to the StudyBlue research, students at college level who use mobile devices in their learning, extend their weekly study time by 40 minutes.
My PLN for the classroom.
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Teaching in a flipped classroom

In a flipped classroom the traditional method of lecturing in class and assigning homework for students to complete at home is reversed. Students listen and watch lectures via video on their own time outside of class, and use the time in class to complete homework, work through problems, collaborate with others and the instructor, discuss advanced concepts, and other more engaging or interactive activities.

"Information is not instruction." - David Merrill. Utah State University
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Software Architecture

Open Educational Resources

I have a passion for Open Source Software and Open Educational Resources. Networks connected programmers in the 90's to create Linux, Open Office, and Mozilla.When educators are connected and encouraged to share freely licensed content great things will be accomplished. To quote Eric Raymond: "given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow".
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Teaching with Bluescape digital wall

Bluescape is an infinite, collaborative workspace designed to accelerate decision-making by enabling anyone to create, communicate, visualize, organize, and strategize virtually anything, anywhere, anytime. Through this new technology platform, decision-makers and product development teams are able to improve global communication and problem-solving with teams and executives around the world.
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SAM Skills Assessment Manager

SAM is an interactive online learning environment, helps students master Microsoft Office and computer concepts essential to academic and career success. Students observe, practice, and train, then apply their skills live in the application. SAM's auto-graded assignments and flexible reporting tools save you time and energy.

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