Szymon Machajewski

Coordinator of Introduction to Computing at Grand Valley State University

Teacher, Researcher, Code Writer

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My Story

Be selective with games you play.  Play games worth playing.  Games you care about don't play to win.  Make them good games. Szymon teaching a class outside of the buildings Szymon teaching a class on the background of tress CIS 150 Introduction to Computing Award - Exemplary Course portrait of Szymon Szymon teaching in the classroom with Kahoot Meem: When Machajewski tries to be funny - on the background of Snoopdog Meem: Planned on auditioning for CSI, walks into CIS 150 class - on the background of a student Collage of computer pictures 2014 Catalyst Award figurine Blog post ad - Digital audio assistants in teaching and learning. Szymon Machajewski, Blackboard MVP Szymon with a student holding rock band guitars Meem: imma let you finish, but cis 150 is the greatest class of all time - on the background of Kanye West Students raising hands in class with game fiero
Logo of Exemplary Course Program Winner ADA Americans with disabilities act 25 years 1990-2015 collage of four Szymon's portraits 2011 Catalyst Award figurine drawing of a Viking long ship Portrait of Szymon with campus flags in the background Most Inclusive Classroom certificate by Blackboard Inc Szymon working on a computer Cook Carillon Tower at GVSU in a sunset Portrat of Chopin by Delacroix Meem: When the CIS Prof can read your mind - on the background of Obama's thumbs up with beer Meem: when I can't dance as great as the professor - on the background of an angry cat students raising their hands in class with game fiero Meem: CIS150 when you see Machajewski dance - on the background of a surprised dog


Szymon Machajewski is a seasoned technology professional and a passionate educator. He has 19 years of work experience as a Senior Solutions Engineer and Database Administrator. He consults as a Software Architect on specialized projects. His programming efforts with open source initiatives were recognized by the 2011 Blackboard Catalyst Innovative Development Award for Outstanding Developer Contributions. The 2013 Armen Award recognized his work in supervising a team of students in mobile app development of a service learning project. He was also recognized with the Raider Award in 2010 for cooperation and collegiality. In 2016, he earned the Most Inclusive Classroom award. Finally, in 2014 and 2017 he earned the Exemplary Course Award for Instructional Design. Szymon Machajewski started teaching in 2003.

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Asking the difficult questions


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Reading minds


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